College Football

Lane Kiffin – Mr Incompetent

kiffinThis world has a very weird way of rewarding hard work sometimes, and you can often see the most undeserving people with the most gratifying jobs. In this case, I am referring to the one and only Lane Kiffin.

Kiffin was fortunate to be born into a big football family, with his dad being a long time defensive coordinator in the National Football League. For some reason, people felt that these were enough credentials to give him big time coaching jobs.

He spent a lot of his early coaching career as an assistant coach so its hard to really discuss his success there but his last 3 coaching jobs were as a head coach for the Oakland Raiders, University of Tennesse, and the University of Southern California.

The Oakland Raiders hired him in 2007, making him the youngest head coach in the NFL. Al Davis thought he was hiring some football genius who would turn around his football team. Instead he hired a coach that went 5-15 in a season and a bit. Not surprisingly he was fired but many thought that maybe he wasn’t an NFL coach but more of a college football coach.

In 2009 he was hired by the Tennessee volunteers and ended the season with a 7-6 record. A very impressive record for such a strong football program like Tennessee’s!!!! For some reason though, the University of Southern California was so impressed with his coaching abilities that they decided to hire him for their football team.

In his 4 years in USC he went 28-15, which is not good enough for a program of that caliber. In 2012, USC was ranked #1 in the country going into the season, but Lane Kiffin managed to lead his team to a 7-6 record. Everyone in the country believed that he had the most talented team in the entire country, but he somehow manages to lose almost half his games. 2013, was when everything finally fell apart. After a 62-41 loss to Arizona State, USC had seen enough from Lane Kiffin.

After his tenure in Southern California ended, I thought that maybe people would finally realize that Lane Kiffin was not the coach that many thought he was. But today, I read that Nick Saban invited Kiffin to Alabama to discuss “football”. Why would the most successful coach in college football want to hear from this clown? What has Lane Kiffin ever done that would make Saban feel like he has some great ideas.

Maybe Saban is just inviting him to have a good laugh and listen to Kiffin’s nonsense. I just hope I don’t see Kiffin with a head coaching job any time soon.


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